Give to Charity – Why Give to Charity Promised Hand?

Why give to charity? Why Promised Hand?

Why give to charity?” Often times people ask just why they should give to a charitable organization. There are a host of reasons to donate to charity. We will deal with only a few of them here. Below are five great reasons to help you justify just why charitable giving really is the best approach to your life.

1. Your charitable donation is tax-deductible.

Although part of your taxes go towards assisting those in need (welfare, disaster relief, etc.), if for example, you give $100, you would then receive a  large portion of that back if you were to list it as tax deductible contribution on your annual tax return. Then your $100 donation is only approximately $65 instead of $100.

2. Giving now is better than giving in the future.

Don’t wait until you’re super rich to give to charity. It seems like a very small amount now, but a dollar today is worth far more than a dollar in a few years. Your $100 may have a larger financial impact on you now, but it also will have a far greater impact charity than if you waited 5 years to give that $100, when inflation knocks that value down to about $85. and certain charities have an urgent financial need now. Why wait?

3. You really CAN make a world of difference.

Your small contribution can really matter in someone’s life. Someone who really needs the help and has no other options without help. Can you make any more of a difference than that?

4. You’re just going to blow it on something dumb anyway.

You’d be surprised just how much money we all waste during the course of our lives. Even when we live frugally they is always some money in your budget that can be used for a good cause. Create a budget for charitable donations just as you would for groceries and other expenses. Set it aside and then give to charity. (each month or each year or every paycheck). Use your expendable income to really make a difference instead of spending it frivolously. And if you think you don’t have enough, take that extra 2% you’ll be earning next year and give to a charity fund. For someone making $30,000 a year, that’s about $500!

5. If you give to charity you’ll help yourself at the same time.

Research has shown that when individuals spend money on gifts for friends or charitable organizations, their happiness increases while those who spend on themselves get no such boost. Even old Ebeneezer Scrooge can agree that everyone wins. There is also the universal law…that what you give out you receive. If you are miserly you will attract that type of life.

To give to charity can really be a two fold blessing…one for the giver and one for the receiver.

But why specifically give to charity Promised Hand?

To give to charity can make a profound difference in a person’s life. Imagine your whole life and lively hood revolving around the use of your hands. Imagine losing one or both of your hands or arm. And heaven forbid…not having any insurance or recourse.

Statistically, most artist and musicians are the epitome of the “starving” artists.   In other words they are self employed and working hard to survive with their craft. Generally they have no insurance or the means to cover expensive costs for the right type of prosthesis.

Your generous donation can make a huge difference in the life of an artist or musician who has endured the catastrophic event of an upper limb amputation with no hope of getting a suitable prosthesis..

Be a blessing…give them a “promised hand”!

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