Jason’s Hospital Stay-Warning These Photos Are Very Graphic

Jason was admitted to hospital early evening of January 9, 2012. this picture was taken two days later.

2 Days after admittance

This picture is of Jason after the first week. It is truly amazing that he is alive and with no organ damage. the electricity severely burn his face, destroyed his right arm, exited through his lungs sand back and left hand. He had numerous skin grafts with flesh taken from his thighs to repair his right arm.

Jason Barnes electical burns Jason was in excruciating pain during his hospital stay. the burns and surgeries were horrific and more intense each time with the debridement of the interior of his arm. when he asked for more pain meds the doctor took his mother out in the hall way and informed her that if they gave him any thing stronger it would kill him, so he endured.

After numerous surgeries Jason came to the realization that he would never be able to have a functional hand. He posted this on his facebook


After 5 surgeries there was virtually nothing left of his hand. One artery to his hand was completely cauterized and there was nothing left of his ulner nerve. This was the defining moment that Jason made the decision to amputate his arm. He was so very brave.


Jason posted this on his facebook. He was so stoic.

acknowledgement to friends re amputation-1

On January 31st his arm was amputated. It was heartbreaking…but he was ALIVE. He acknowledged and grieved over the loss of his arm and that he would never play music again. These 2 pictures were taken while he was still under anaesthesia .

Jason Barnes under anaesthesia

Jason 1-31-smallIt was a long road but Jason was able to come home after the first week of February.

Now it was a period of healing and recovery and acceptance.