Jason Barnes First Time Playing Drums after Amputation

Jason Barnes first time playing drums after the amputation was HIS defining moment that has led him to where he is today.

Jason Barnes-playing drums after amputation

From wondering if he would ever play drums again to becoming the world’s first amputee cyborg drummer, here’s a video of his first time playing.

When the decision was made to amputate his arm, Jason felt he would never be able to play drums again. But only a few short weeks after returning home from hospital he couldn’t resist the urge to find out if it was possible.

One day his brother Travis drug out Jason’s old kit from the garage and set it up on the back porch.

We then taped a drumstick to Jason’s fresh stump so he could explore the possibility.

Even under extreme pain and the fog of pain medicine, Jason gave it a shot. He could only sustain it for a few minutes, but it was then that he decided “I can do this!”

The human spirit is an amazing thing!
Yes…Jason you CAN do this!