About Promised Hand

Promised Hand”, is to become a  501 (c) 3 non-profit foundation of hope for artists and musicians. The primary purpose of “Promised Hand” is to assist uninsured artists and musicians who lose a hand or arm through unforeseen catastrophic circumstances, obtain a functional state of the art prosthesis. One that is  custom designed just for them, so that they can continue their craft if at all possible and remain a valuable contributing member of society. 

“Promised Hand” has been formed by a caring group of friends and family members as a result of Jason’s  Barnes’ un-forseen near electrocution accident and the subsequent amputation of his right hand and forearm. It is intended to make Jason Barnes the first recipient of a new hand.


Update:March 2014

The original intention of  “Promised Hand” was to become a fully fledged 501 (c) 3 non profit foundation. But due to lack of funds that has never been possible. The dream to help other artists and musicians with a suitable prostheses still lives. It is the hope that on day Promised hand will be able to function as it was intended. 

I the meantime, this website will tell the story of Jason Barnes, whom inspired “Promised Hand” into existance. Jason Barnes’s story will be told as it is an inspiration to the world.

One day…there will be other inspiring stories of other artists and musicians who will benefit from “Promised Hand”