Just imagine what it would be like to not even be able to tie a shoe, unzip a zipper or open a jar without someone to do it for you. Imagine having excruciating pain in your hand and wrist that isn’t even there.

Jason Barnes needs your love and help!

Being self employed and just starting out in his work life, he has no insurance, no worker’s comp and no recourse. The power company is refusing to acknowledge any responsibility, and other avenues for help are being slowly exhausted. Jason has massive medical expenses. Expensive rehabilitation therapy. No money. No means of support, no Medicaid or other options. Healing burns, skin grafts, other injuries and worst of all…no hand and forearm. For the moment, his future is looking bleak indeed.jason-barnes-promised-handBut somehow through it all he remains positive, steadfast and hopeful that he still might be able to fulfill his dream of being a musician and a productive member of society.

Jason Barnes needs your helping hand…literally. Jason needs the promise of a real functional hand, but with no means to obtain one. A prosthesis that would enable him to function with his right arm so that he can feel like a normal human being again. Something we all take for granted.

In order to help Jason first then others in similar situations, a non-profit foundation the “Promised Hand” has been formed by a caring group of friends and family members as a result of Jason’s unforeseen catastrophic circumstances and loss.




The goal and mission of this foundation is to help uninsured artists, musicians and craftsman who lose a hand or arm get their “promised hand”. A prosthesis designed just for them, so that they can continue their craft if at all possible and remain a valuable contributing member of society.

Jason Barnes is intended to be the first recipient.

Please give Jason
a helping hand.
A “Promised Hand”.




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